Preparing for Sale

Most people choose whether to look inside based on the outside appearance of the home:

  • Keep grass mowed and hedges and low hanging tree limbs trimmed.
  • Keep yards, both front and back, clean of any water hoses, yard tools and toys.
  • Wash exterior windows and screens.
  • Touch-up exterior paint as needed.
  • Plant a few bright flowers to “cheer up” the exterior.

The interior needs to be clean and uncluttered:

  • Tighten all door knobs and cabinet hardware.
  • Be certain doors do not stick or squeak.
  • Replace all burned-out light bulbs.
  • Clear off and clean all counter tops and vanities.
  • Clean and polish all appliances.
  • Straighten out pantry and under the sink.
  • Clean out and straighten all closets. Pack and store unneeded items.
  • Keep all bathrooms clean and place fresh towels out.
  • Remove extra furniture and any clutter in the living areas and bedrooms.

Homes tend to sell more quickly and for higher prices when they show well. Prepare well for your sale. Set the stage to make the best impression on each prospective buyer. For further information on how we can make the sale of your home a reality, contact Mary or Katri. We look forward to serving you.