Our Pledge to You

Our homes are lifetime investments and they carry with them strong, personal ties. We know that selling a home ranks among our client’s most important experiences and we strive to approach our task with sensitivity, concern and competence. We believe that you should know, from the start, the kind of service that you may expect from us. The following items represent our own pledge to you, our client.

We will tour your home together. We need to develop a solid understanding and appreciation of what your home will offer to a prospective buyer. It’s your home; no one knows its features better. So please know that we will be soliciting your input to develop a superior effective marketing plan.

Prepare a first class, comprehensive, computerized “comparative market analysis” of your home. We will professionally determine the most likely selling price range for your property, within a reasonable time period, in today’s market. When applicable, we will review potential problem areas, and suggest improvements that will enhance the sale ability of your home.

Review properties that will be in direct competition with you. All homes are unique. We will review how each home is similar – and how it is dissimilar – to your home so that we can factually evaluate your market position.

Familiarize you with homes most like yours that have recently sold. People may ask anything for their homes. However, the prices for which these homes actually sold for are of paramount importance in establishing a realistic range within which your home may be expected to sell.

Work with you to develop a listing price designed to attract top price, in the shortest period, with the least inconvenience to you. We will consider direct competition in the market, your own immediate plans and needs, seasonality, and pricing practices in this market.

Provide you with a written “estimate of seller’s equity”. We will identify all of the usual charges and expenses that you can expect to incur during the selling process.

Explain marketing customs, showing procedures and selling practices. There will be much for us to review. We want you to be knowledgeable and comfortable during the marketing period. We’ll talk about everything from when the sign is posted, to the appointment procedure, to the MLS tour, to the presentation of a sales contract to you.

Discuss the various financing alternatives available to a typical buyer and how they affect you. There are a myriad of financing options available today. We’ll discuss Conventional financing, both FHA and VA so that you will be perfectly knowledgeable when the contract to purchase is presented to you.

Assist in finding a home in your new location. If you’re staying in the area, we will help you. If you’re moving away, we will, at no cost to you and with your consent, consult our national relocation network and have one of the best brokers in that area contact you.


Prepare a detailed marketing plan. We will discuss with you, in detail, those marketing steps agreed upon, as well as a plan to keep you in formed of our progress.

Consolidate the features and attractions of your home. We will prepare a listing sheet summary, describing your home in detail, which will be used as a basis for advertising, and to provide information to prospective purchasers and our cooperating brokers.

Communicate the availability of your home to our entire company sales staff. All of our associates have ready inventories of buyers. One may be working with your eventual buyer right now.

RE/MAX “For Sale” sign will be posted immediately. It is instant notification to all that the sale of your home is in professional hands.

Have your home expertly photographed.
Our advertising and other marketing efforts will utilize both color exterior and interior photos when available.

Submission of your home to the multiple listing service. The sale of your home will be managed by us but all area brokers will be advised of your homes availability.

Maintain a viable advertising program. Your home will be included in each of our special advertising programs assuring you of broad and continuing exposure in not only the area media but also on the internet.

Keep in touch with you regularly. We will contact you at least once a week to review changing conditions, adjustments to the marketing program and to provide meaningful feedback from prospects.

Work diligently to find a suitable buyer for you. You may be assured that we will be working with you…and for you, continually, until your home is SOLD.


Promptly present all written contracts to you. You can be assured that we will contact you immediately when a signed offer is received. We will meet at your earliest convenience.

Review the contract with you. Consistent with legal limitations, we will review the contract’s terms with you. We will advise you whether specific terms and/or contingencies are ordinary and realizable in the current market. We will specifically want to review the applicability and availability of financing that your buyer is seeking.

Calculate a revised “estimate of seller’s equity”. Based on the contracts terms, we will re-evaluate your expected expenses and net proceeds from the sale, were you to accept the contract.

Negotiate competently on your behalf. We will do our very best to ensure the execution of a binding, legal contract that represents your best interest and which is completely agreeable to you.


Prepare and process all documents for which we are responsible.

We will promptly prepare, retain and distribute any required documents.

Cooperate fully with your attorney, accountant, or other counselors. You need only advise us and we will dutifully communicate and work with your representatives.

Help arrange financing for your buyer, if necessary. Many times, we become aware of attractive financing programs. If requested, we will provide the buyer’s broker financing information that may help to satisfy the mortgage contingency more quickly and safely.

Follow-up and ensure that all contract contingencies and terms are satisfied in a timely manner; report any deviations or exceptions.

We maintain a calendar of pertinent activities. We review it regularly to monitor contract compliance. We will advise you as to the status of these events.

Participate in the settlement proceedings, as necessary. We attend our closings to assure a smooth transaction from beginning to end. We will review your settlement statement to ensure that it has been prepared according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

As professionals we take our business very seriously. Our clients deserve and have a right to expect excellence in service.

“Teamwork” …Experience Its Power”
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