537 CR 327 Ignacio CO Real Estate

Welcome to this remarkable agricultural parcel, boasting cutting-edge equipment and resources designed to maximize efficiency and production. Spanning 37 acres of prime land, this property is a dream come true for aspiring cultivators. Let's explore the outstanding features and possibilities it offers. [Growing Infrastructure] Two-bay Growspan S2000 Greenhouse w/Link4 system, 2500sq ft building w/storage, dry room, office, bathrooms. 2-Tier Industrial Shelving: Organized with three 8'x4', one 2'x5', and one 2'x4' shelving units. Adjustable Shelving: Three units each of wire and composite shelving for storage/supplies. Flood Trays: Eight 8'x4' trays for efficient irrigation. Clone/Quarantine Tent: 4'x4' tent with optional flood tray & stand. Lighting: Eight T5 two-spectrum fixtures (2x4) and one (2x2) fixture. Approx. 30 adjustable output 1000W HPS fixtures. RO Filtering Unit: Reliable 100 gal/day RO filtering system. Water Containers: Three 55-gal wheeled and two 45-gal containers. Planting Equipment: 20+ 100-cube cloning trays, 200+ 1-gal sprout pots, 150+ 3-gal transition pots, 100+ 5-gal finish pots. Digital Scale: Ohaus Ranger 3000 scale. [Water Resources] Agricultural Water Shares: 28 Shares of Pine River Irrigation & Pine River Canal Co. Commercial Water: 1 permitted well with solar-powered pump & 8,000-gal underground storage tank. [Utilities/Subscriptions] Electrical Supply: Three-phase w/ 200 additional amps Propane Supply: 1000-gal tank for heating & water heater Additional Electrical Option: Potential electrical connection to well pump for consistent capacity in winter (less sun). WiFi: HiSpeed4U subscription ($430/yr). Alarm Monitoring: DES subscription With state-of-the-art equipment, ample water resources, and a conducive licensing environment, this agricultural parcel offers an unparalleled opportunity for cultivators. Whether you're an experienced grower or a budding entrepreneur, this land is your canvas to realize your agricultural ambitions. Act now and seize this green-thumb paradise! This thriving agricultural parcel is adjacent to an agriculture parcel to the north, which is also available for purchase (MLS #806687). Buyers have the option to acquire this property individually or combine it with the northern agriculture parcel for expanded agricultural ventures.