8386 CR 105 Hesperus CO Real Estate

Situated at a mild altitude ranging from 7100 to 8300 feet, Split Trail Ranch is perfectly positioned to complement its resident mule deer and elk population. The property has valley bottoms, hillsides and expansive sloping plateaus that provide outstanding big game habitat and a tremendous turkey population. Located within a major migration corridor, the game population' increases significantly as the snow begins to fall in the La Plata range of the San Juan Mountains. With an expansive size averaging close to a mile wide and nearly 5 miles deep, this property is an ideal choice for your own family hunting retreat and has great potential to become a Legacy Ranch for generations to come. It offers the added benefit of farm income and numerous valley meadows suitable for food plots to hold even larger numbers of game animals.' The ranch is further enhanced by the presence of an historic water well, 4 poly water tanks and numerous ponds, which provide water resources to enhance the year-round game populations, making it an ideal location for a September dove shoot. The property is further enhanced by the extensive access roads and 2-trac trails throughout the property, giving you access and use of the entire property for hunting or other recreational uses. Approximately 85/% of the ranch is covered in timbered areas consisting of Pinion, Juniper, Ponderosa, and Gambel Oak, creating excellent game habitat. Additionally, the property has around 500 acres in farm production, which is share cropped with a local farmer, generating additional income. The agricultural tax status of the ranch allows for significantly reduced taxes, further adding to its appeal. Approximately, +-2898 acres of the ranch are under a conservation easement.