TBD County Road 116 Hesperus CO Real Estate

Seven ranches were purchased to make up these 2,482.70 acres. Making it one of the largest contiguous land holdings of high mountain hunting, agricultural and recreational land. Located at 'The Mesa of Hesperus, South West Colorado. Nestled at the foot of the Rockies and providing unmatched picturesque views of the LaPlata's to the north and the four States of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado can all be viewed south and west from the same point of this Ranch. With easy access from Hwy 160, the proximity to downtown Durango and LaPlata airport make for a development tri-fecta for a primary home and secondary home alike. The thousands of acres of private owned and exclusive ranch land with its broad grasslands, breathtaking mountain views, wildlife corridors and world-class trophy hunting. This game-rich environment is famous for its abundance of elk, deer, bears, mountain lions and bobcats. In addition, offers a myriad of hunting experiences tailored perfectly for the novice through to the veteran huntsman. Located in the game management area Unit 74, this land has been known to be a deer hunting hot spot for decades. There are 6 annual deer tags which pass with the property and Unit 74 offers over-the-counter tags as well. Create your ultimate outdoor lifestyle and experience destination. Endless opportunities to choose from: This parcel makes for an ideal development prospect. Presenting a blank slate for a developer's imagination. Perfect horse country. The parcel offers five 35+ acre residential wells. Development ideas include cluster development of 140 affordable homes, 35-acre residential tracts,, off grid cabins, and conservation easement with a private hunting lodge. Every year, some of the land is currently being used for dry land farming, more than 1,000 acres are cultivated with beans, oak, corn all ecological. Build the trusted cannabis brand, one that is produced sustainably and responsibly, using the latest technology. Durango Ranches has one of the most valuable assets available: a clean slate. Our unprecedented 1,600 acre land bank with ground up build provides such a project the opportunity to custom tailor every aspect of the business to serve the brand vision, support values and deliver a truly industry redefining experience.