TBD CR 207 Durango CO Real Estate

For centuries, the La Plata Mountains of southwestern Colorado have been a magnet to treasure seekers. At least as far back as the Spanish explorer Don Juan Maria de Rivera in 1765, men have probed the La Platas (Spanish for silver) for mines that would make them wealthy beyond their grandest dreams. Today, the Spaniards are long gone and the mines are abandoned, but treasure of another sort hides in the foothills of the La Plata Mountains, at Hopkins Draw Ranch. Today, the treasure of the La Platas is found in the form of solitude, wildlife and Rocky Mountain scenery that becomes more precious with each passing year. Hopkins Draw Ranch is 215 acres that shelters both sides of Hopkins Draw, an intermittent stream that flows off of the southern slopes of the La Plata Mountains, directly northwest of Durango. Well wooded, the ranch is covered with a mosaic of oakbrush, aspen and pines at approximately 7800 feet. This unspoiled habitat is ideal for mule deer, which range freely through the ranch and are seldom disturbed by the presence of humans. Located at the end of a road accessed only through the neighboring and gated Destination Ranch, Hopkins Draw Ranch offers privacy in spades. In addition, its northern boundary adjoins the San Juan National Forest, and thus the ranch offers access to thousands of acres of the La Plata Mountains not easily reached from anywhere else. At Hopkins Draw Ranch, the La Plata Mountains and years of exploring are literally in your backyard. Hunting and wildlife viewing are top recreational activities at Hopkins Draw, with mule deer the primary targets, both on and off the ranch on the National Forest. Other game animals occasionally seen include elk, black bear and mountain lions. Small game is also abundant in the area, as are flocks of wild turkeys. Recreationally rich in many ways, this portion of Colorado offers countless opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, fly fishing, jeeping, photography, and the winter sports of snowmobiling, downhill and cross-country skiing and ice fishing. Hopkins Draw Ranch lies in the center of a full year's worth of outdoor activities. Although it is a very private parcel, Hopkins Draw Ranch is nonetheless within 10 miles of downtown Durango, a bustling small city of 17,000 persons. Durango offers an airport, cultural and shopping opportunities worthy of a much larger community and a rich history that includes the famous Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. A perfect location for a comfortable second home or hunting retreat, Hopkins Draw Ranch is indeed a treasure worthy of the fabled La Plata Mountains. No, you won't find a silver mine here, but riches of another sort instead. If it's solitude, wildlife and pristine mountain surrounds that you seek, M4 Ranch Group believes that your hoped-for treasure may well be found hidden among the pines at Hopkins Draw Ranch.